We will build a list of ideas that will help inspire you to create the perfect app.

Have a look at this was developed in a very short time today using the REST end points at

We will use this same site to publish the apps you develop at the Open GeoData hackathon

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Tree Alert

App that can be used to geo tag problem trees that need action. E.g a tree growing into a power line or causing property destruction.

Geocaching Big Day Out

Integrate with to design your own Geo-caching day trip around an area.
Be able to enter things like how far you wish to travel, difficulty level (steep climbs etc) and come up with a custom route.

Belfast Marathon Tracker

Runners would register their id&name on a website/app. A mobile app can use background geodata to update the location of the runner. A website/app can be used to search and track runners in realtime.


Combine traffic information, number of lanes, speed limits with road distance data to pick a route from A to B based on smarter criteria than just distance.
Show a route from A to D which user can add certain options or criteria to such as “can’t include road from B to C” due to traffic diversions, proposing alternative routes.
Show routes from A to B but taking scenic route, passing through local tourist attractions or areas of interest.

Personal Marathon

Let runners plot a 26 mile course on map from a given start spot (e.g. house or park or meeting point) to train for marathons or for general fitness.

Weather Warning

Plot flood areas on map and correlate with weather forecast to show areas likely to be flooded in upcoming bad weather. Possibly let farmers move cattle out of danger areas in advance? Or quite the opposite – combine with tide information and pick out best surf spots for upcoming time periods based on tides and weather forecast?


User maps out journey on tow paths, public rights of way, bike routes, cross-country rambling paths etc. Like what google maps does for traffic but for countryside navigation. Uses O/S map data or something similar for fine-grained right of way detail.


Crowdsourced traffic warnings app displaying blockages, delays, tailbacks etc. Events called in by people using the app.

Plot Personal Cell Network Coverage

Let user add the locations of their home, work, socialising places and trace routes in between. Compare this data with combined O2/Vodafone/Orange/3 maps of cellular network coverage to pick what may provide the best combined coverage for the user.

FixMyStreet for NI

Exactly what it says on the tin. They don’t cover Northern Ireland at the moment, seems like displaying this kind of info on a map view could be useful for councils/road service/etc.

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